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(no subject)  
09:02pm 08/01/2021
Alsynn's Stash


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(no subject)  
04:08am 09/01/2019
Alsynn's Stash

My Manga Collection

Public Section

Aishiteruze Baby

Arisu ga Fushigi

Koigokoro Fantasia

Lilim's Kiss

Milk to Vitamin

Seishun Shiteru Kai!

Sex=Love 2

Tenshi no Pocket

Tsuki no Toiki


Private Section
*For my eyes only*

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(no subject)  
04:54am 09/01/2007
Alsynn's Stash

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04:22am 08/01/2007
Alsynn's Stash
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Tenshi no Pocket  
07:55pm 11/11/2006
Alsynn's Stash

Aka Angel's Pocket

Mangaka:  TAKANASHI Mitsuba
Genre:  Shoujo
Summary:   A collection of short stories by the mangaka of "The Devil Does Exist" ("Akuma de Sourou").
Story 01 Angel's Pocket (Tenshi no Pocket): When Sui refuses to date a stalker guy at school, he's insistent to the point of being scary. Sui starts to run, but then slips on the stairs... and lands on top of Taki -- the school delinquent! The stalker is still in pursuit, so Sui makes like she's going to run again, but Taki grabs her and kisses her!? The stalker gives up... and although one of Sui's problems has gone away, she now has a whole new one: Taki demands recompense for saving her. She has to become his slave...!? It's out of the frying pan and into the fire for poor Sui!
Story 02 To You, the Avante-gardes: High school senior Mishima Kasuga hates the fact that she can't say no to anyone's requests... especially now that it has attracted the 200% weirdo junior Ikeda Tomoo to her. Rumor has it that when he wants something, he'll chase it to the ends of the earth. Can Kasuga find the nerve to say no to him? Or, better question: Does she want to...? She's going to have to figure it out soon, because graduation is coming up, and there's an entire junior class worth of girls who've developed crushes on Tomoo since Kasuga punched the glasses off his surprisingly handsome face!
Story 03 I Have Love: Minazuki Kaoru, age 17, is a high school junior who still makes embarrassing mistakes like a freshman, but this one has got to be her worst... she accused the handsome goateed guy of being a pervert, ran away from him, and then found out that he's Nachi Takeshi, age 22, her new student teacher! He wanted to be a novelist, but turned to teaching when he realized he had no talent for it. All the girls in class are attracted to his boyish charm, yet he seems to lavish his most immature moments on Kaoru. In spite of herself, Kaoru wants to know more about Nacchan's world, his novels. What will it take to make him open his books -- and his heart! -- to her...?
Story 04 9 o'Clock Bomb: Sakada Mayu was saved from a tight spot on the street by Nagato Hiroshi, a cute boy from her class, and then got a little too obvious about her attraction to him. That's when they were stopped by a photographer and asked to participate in a "best couple" competition. Mayu was hesitant, Nagato wasn't -- and they won first prize! They're not really a couple, but now Mayu wants to change that... She gathers all her courage and coerces him into going with her to the fireworks festival at 9:00PM -- and something's bound to explode!   (ShoujoMagic)
Scanlation Group:   ShoujoMagic
Status:  1 volume (complete)

Download  Megaupload

location: apartment
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Sex=Love 2 (oneshot)  
06:56pm 11/11/2006
Alsynn's Stash

Mangaka:  SHINJO Mayu
Genre:  Shoujo, Smut
Summary:  All Kumiko wants is to become a teacher, however her father is dead set against it. He is giving her one chance to prove herself as a teacher before forbidding her from pursuing this career for ever. Meet her newest student, Ryu-kun. This student has NO desire to LEARN anything from his tutors, rather he is an expert at teaching THEM about... SEX?!     (ShoujoMagic)
Scanlation Group:  ShoujoMagic
Status:  1 Volume (Ongoing)

Download links:
oneshot   Turboupload
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Lilim's Kiss  
06:17pm 11/11/2006
Alsynn's Stash

Mangaka:  KAWASHITA Mizuki
Genre:  Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Summary:  Saiki Takaya, a guy who is easily misunderstood, one day finds a flask containing the succubus Lilim. She is very attractive but, she also has the tendency to drain the life force out of people. She surprises the life out of him (literally) when she kisses him unconscious. The girl, Lilim, turns out to be a succubus who gains energy by kissing guys. Lilim then flies off for more "food," but returns later, saying that Takaya's life-energy was the "tastiest." From then, Lilim is accepted by Takaya's parents as a live-in girlfriend of sorts, and Takaya's heart seems to start wavering towards this voluptuous devil.    (Baka-updates)
Scanlation Group/s:  Manga Coalition & ChiZeTo
Status:  2 volumes (completed) 

Download Links: 
part 1   Sendspace
part 2   Sendspace
volume 2 chapter 20   Turboupload
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Seishun Shiteru Kai!  
04:06am 11/11/2006
Alsynn's Stash

Genre:  Shoujo
mangaka: AZUKI Ryou
Summary:  About a sixteen year old girl who graduated in Australia and returns to Japan to teach English in a high school. The students are of the same age and so she has a lot of difficulties getting accepted by them. (Baka-Updates)
Scanlation Group: DGT 

Volume 1 Chapter 1-3  *uploading process*
Volume 1 Chapter 4-5   Sendspace
Volume 2 Chapter 1-3  *uploading process
Volume 2 Chapter 4-6   Sendspace
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Milk to Vitamin  
11:45pm 25/10/2006
Alsynn's Stash

"Milk & Vitamin"


Mangaka: OOTSUKA Yumi
Genre: Shoujo
Milk is a young and childish girl living with her aunt in Orange Town. One day, she is told that a guest is coming over to stay with them for a while. Milk's aunt had said that the guest is cute and pretty. Milk, excited about her new friend goes to meet the guest at the fountain. Milk's childhood friend Vitamin and others accompany her at this time. Through an unforseen event, Milk arrives late at the fountain with the guest nowhere to be seen. They did however, find a handsome young boy asking for directions to Orange Town
~by Baka Updates~
Scanlated by: ShoujoMagic 
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Arisu ga Fushigi  
11:22pm 25/10/2006
Alsynn's Stash

Mysterious Alice   アリスが不思議
Mangaka: KAWACHI Yukri
Genre: Shoujo
The story centers on Arisu, who just started high school. Her first day of school, which also happened to fall on her 16th birthday, was rather catastrophic. Arisu was absolutely devastated, and when she came home, she overheard her parents arguing. She discovered her parents are actually a devil and an angel! Her mother, the angel, explained that she and her father, the devil, fell in love and got married. Arisu is actually half demon and half angel. She cannot control her powers because of this and needs to find her true love. According to her mother, she can track him down by following the red threads tying them together -- but Arisu discovers her threads have been cut, and she must find him using the old fashioned way!
~from Selene Scans~
Scanlated by: Selene Scans
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